Türkische Identitäten in Deutschland (Turkish identities in Germany)

Talks and debate, featuring

Peter Bandermann
© Dieter Menne

Peter Bandermann

Journalist, Press Office of Dortmund Police

Meltem Kulacatan
© Eva Pöllinger

Dr. Meltem Kulacatan

Political and educational scientist, Goethe University Frankfurt

Haci-Halil Uslucan
© UDE | Frank Preuß

Professor Dr. Haci-Halil Uslucan

Integration researcher, University of Duisburg-Essen

Dr. Michael Kiefer, Osnabrück University

Around 3 million of the almost 20 million people with a migration background in Germany are of Turkish origin, representing the largest share of this group. When following debates on migration and integration, we inevitably encounter the terms “identity” and “identity policy.” American political scientist Francis Fukuyama in particular currently believes that it is impossible to uncouple identity and identity policy, which is closely connected to the desire for recognition and dignity. However, identity can induce both division and unity.

In light of the above, the panel discussion initially addressed the issue of which Turkish identities can be found in Germany. What are the characteristics of the conceptions of identity, and what positive and negative effects do they have? The three panelists Peter Bandermann, Dr. Meltem Kulaçatan, and Professor Dr. Haci-Halil Uslucan explored these questions and others in a discussion hosted by Dr. Michael Kiefer.

October 31, 2019, 7 pm, University Auditorium, Neuer Graben 29 / Schloss

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© Osnabrücker Friedensgespräche | Uwe Lewandowski

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