Europäische Solidarität in Krisenzeiten (European solidarity in times of crisis)

Panel discussion with

© DGB/Detlef Eden

Reiner Hoffmann

former chairman of the German Trade Union Confederation

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Andrea Nahles

Chairwoman of the Federal Employment Agency

© Olaf Kosinsky

Prof. Dr. Hans-Gert Pöttering

President of the European Parliament (retired)

Prof. Dr. György Széll, Osnabrück University

For some years now, the world and Europe in particular have been shaken by numerous crises the likes of which have not been seen since the Second World War. Above all, Russia’s war of aggression against Ukraine since 2014 has irreparably damaged the European peace order. But the climate crisis, the financial crises since 2007, the increase in hatred and violence, the crisis of democracy and the coronavirus pandemic also pose challenges for all of humanity. The European Union, winner of the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize, is therefore called upon to show more solidarity than ever before.

The peace discussion attempted to find answers to these challenges from various perspectives – following on from the congress ‘Paths to Social Peace in Europe’, at which the Cooperation Center for Universities and Trade Unions devoted itself to the prospects for a social Europe on the occasion of the 350th anniversary of the Peace of Westphalia in Osnabrück in 1998.

Peace is the prerequisite for people to live together in harmony. This is the slogan of the French Revolution of 1789: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. (Today, we would rather say solidarity). This demand is just as valid today as it was 234 years ago.

August 10, 2023, University Auditorium, 6 pm, Neuer Graben 29/Schloss

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Europäische Solidarität in Krisenzeiten

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