Europa sieht Deutschland 2020 (Europe’s take on Germany 2020)

Im Frieden – mit wem?

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Lecture to mark German Unity Day, featuring

Prof. Dr. Dževad Karahasan

Bosnian writer, playwright, essayist, dramaturg and literary scholar

Prof. Dr. György Széll, Osnabrück University

Bosnia-Herzegovina became independent in 1995 after a bloody civil war. It is a small, millennia-old Balkan country with only 3.5 million inhabitants. Like the former Yugoslavia, it is a multi-ethnic state with an eventful history. The First World War began with the attack in Sarajevo in 1914, and the Srebrenica massacre exactly 25 years ago was a terrible climax of ethnic conflict on our continent. In this respect, the witness of this country is a constant challenge for peace in Europe.
After all the catastrophes of the last century, which particularly affected his homeland, how does the convinced European Dževad Karahasan see the prospects for peace in a globalized world?
Born to Muslim parents in Duvno in what is now Bosnia-Herzegovina on January 25, 1953, he fled to Austria during the civil war, where he still lives alternately with Sarajevo today. He studied theater studies and comparative literature in Sarajevo and received his doctorate in Zagreb. Since then he has worked as a university lecturer at numerous universities around the world as well as as a writer and playwright. He has received numerous literary prizes, including the Leipzig Book Prize for European Understanding in 2004, the Goethe Medal in 2012, the Honorary Gift of the Heinrich Heine Society in 2012, the Franz Nabl Prize in 2017, the Jeanette Schocken Prize in 2019 and the Goethe Prize of the City of Frankfurt a. M. 2020.

Oktober 3, 2020, 11 pm, Live stream from the council meeting room of the town hall

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Europa sieht Deutschland. Im Frieden - mit wem?

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