Erziehung zur Friedfertigkeit (Education for peacefulness)

Panel discussion with

Foto: Sven Teschke,
CC BY-SA 3.0 de,

Edelgard Bulmahn

Former Federal Minister for Education and Research (retired) and SDG Ambassador for Peace and Democracy

© Daniela Ingruber

Prof. Dr. Dr. Wolfgang Dietrich

Emeritus UNESCO Chairholder for Peace Studies at the University of Innsbruck

© Mathias Völzke/Berghof Foundation

Prof. Uli Jäger

Head of Peace Education and Global Learning at the Berghof Foundation in Berlin

Prof. Dr. Johannes Hirata, University of Applied Sciences

War, flight, displacement and violence are topics that have become even more prevalent since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and are of intense concern to our society. The situation is particularly stressful for children and young people and the complex issues of war and peace are also present in the classroom.

As central places of learning, schools play an important role in the context of the debate, and peace education as part of political education appears to be more important than ever. How can peace education succeed at a time when a terrible war of aggression is raging in Europe and individual states are increasingly arming themselves? Can a willingness to live together peacefully and a commitment to its preservation be learned? What can participatory and inclusive approaches look like? What challenges do teachers face? What framework conditions need to be created?

During the panel discussion, the importance of civil conflict resolution was considered, particularly against the backdrop of the current situation in Europe. Different approaches to contemporary peace education for the development of individual and structural peace skills were examined.

Juli 6, 2023, University Auditorium, 6 pm, Neuer Graben 29/Schloss

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Erziehung zur Friedfertigkeit

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