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    Osnabrück, The City of Peace



Osnabrück's roll as a venue for the negotiations of the 1648 Westphalian Peace has earned the city the fitting title of the »City of Peace«. Today the city continues to be involved in promoting peace, placing a great deal of significance on initiatives that aim to further the prospects of securing and maintaining peace.
The city and a large number of its institutions, along with the numerous initiatives developed by its active citizenry, are committed to promoting values of tolerance, intercultural and interreligious understanding, supporting peace and conflict research and human rights policies, and, moreover, developing strong and lasting international partnerships. Other important initiatives advanced by the city involve issues such as the prevention of violence, the peaceful resolution of conflicts, and the promotion of historical dialog.

  Deutsche Stiftung Friedensforschung
Since 2001 the German Foundation for Peace Research has been an important contributor to the city's image of peace. The foundation is housed in Osnabrück and undertakes endowment activities in the area of peace and conflict research.

Erich Maria Remarque Peace Center
Located in the antique house in Osnabrück's old Market Square brings together research, archiving and exhibitions on the life and work of the Osnabrück-born author and world citizen, Erich Maria Remarque.


Erich Maria Remarque Peace Prize
Since 1991 the city of Osnabrück has awarded this honorable distinction in memory of the author and his motto: »My topic is the 20th century man and the issue of humanity«.

  The Osnabrück Initiative for Peace (OFRI)
Fears over the outbreak of new wars led a group of Osnabrück citizens to establish the Osnabrück Initiative for Peace in 1981. Today the independent group continues to supply the Peace Movement with a loud voice against contemporary wars.
  Felix Nussbaum-House
This museum, designed by Daniel Libeskind, was opened in 1998 in memory of the painter Felix Nussbaum who was born in Osnabrück and murdered in 1944 in Auschwitz. The Museum's collections and exhibitions reveal a clear motif of cultural peace.
  Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt
The foundation was grounded in 1990 with its main office in Osnabrück.
It promotes innovate and exemplary projects for environmental protection.
  EUROPE DIRECT Informationszentrum
This office for information and advisory service of the European Commission is run by the county of Osnabrueck as a part of an international network.
  Osnabrück Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence in European Studies
The Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence aims at promoting and deepening research and teaching on the subject of European integration at the University of Osnabrück. At the same time, the centre seeks to strengthen public awareness on the notion of Europe through information and public debate.
  Varusschlacht im Osnabrücker Land - Museum und Park Kalkriese
This museum, park and scientific institution is recognized by the European Union as a part of the »European Cultural Heritage«. It seeks to engage visitors, particularly the younger generations, with history, archeology, and natural sciences while imparting an understanding of historical influence on geographical, political and cultural developments.
Supported by: Förderkreis Osnabrücker Friedensgespräche e.V